For Sendak Fans

Sendak fans, get to the google search page by the end of the day and press play on Max to see the animation in honor of what would have been Sendak’s 85th birthday. Beautiful.

Important ETA 6/11/13:  So, it turns out that Google has an archive of their doodles (of course), so you can always look for old Google doodles here:

In fact, it’s better than that: some of the doodles, if you click on them, give you in-depth information about the process of creating the doodle. (Here’s info about the complicated Sendak doodle!) Not to mention the locations where it was visible, which I find interesting. I’m sorry the doodle for Federico García Lorca’s 115th birthday was only visible in Spain! I had a cat named after him when I was a kid.

Anyway. Thanks JD, ever trusty and reliable!