Dome Fatigue Is Real

All photos are of ceilings unless otherwise indicated. All are from Rome.  All were taken on my phone, which is an iPhone 4S. And last time I checked, Blogger was crap at jump cuts, but this post has 30+ pictures, so I can’t not.  After the second picture, click on the link that says “Read more”… or, to see all the pictures, just click here.

ETA 1/27/12: Blogger, I hate you. My apologies to anyone whose blog readers were overwhelmed by this post during the time Blogger decided to arbitrarily remove my jump cut! Should be back now.

Dome of Abbazia San Bernando alle Terme
One of the domes of the Basilica dei SS. Ambrogio e Carlo

Another of the domes of the Basilica dei SS. Ambrogio e Carlo
Another of same
Another of same
Ceiling fresco of same
Dome of Chiesa SS. Vincenzo e Anastasio Padri Cistercensi
Ceiling fresco of same
Ceiling (and upper walls) of Oratorio del SS. Crocifisso, which is a
random office-building type thing I happened to wander through
Dome in Chiesa di Santa Maria di Loreto al Foro Traiano
Teeny little ceiling window in same
Main dome (there are many many) in St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City
Another view – St Peter’s
Another dome, St Peter’s

Another (there are so many — I took pics of at least 11 and that wasn’t all)
Moving on to the Vatican Museums — miles of ceiling frescoes
I like these ladies at work on the ceiling
This fresco had a net under it to catch pieces flaking off
Here’s what the ceilings look like in the halls of the Vatican Musei
Wall painted with stars

Spiral staircase in the musei. Note the circle on the floor at the bottom —

— because here’s what it looks like when you stand on that circle and look up at spiral and ceiling.

Random entranceway ceiling in a building on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
 Random lights on the terrace of a restaurant near Piazza Navona. I know they’re pretty unspectacular
 compared to the other ceilings I photographed, but I liked them a lot

 Dome in Basilica di S. Maria in Aracoeli
 Another of same

 And finally — last but far from least — the ceiling of
 the Pantheon on my last night. The sun was setting.
 Can you see the star?