I am determined not to yammer about the election in today’s post.

But I am also extremely nervous about… um… the thing I’m not going to yammer about.
Therefore, the order of the day is: DISTRACTION.
First, my recent interview with the Shelf Elf. The Elf Herself asks some great questions. If you could live inside the world of any book, which one would you choose? Please distract me by telling me in a comment!

Next, a must-see. If you only watch one of the videos in this post, make it this one. Posted in honor of all teachers (especially, you, Mom). (And ganked from Melissa Marr, who had it first!)
And now, ladies and gents: I give you Beethoven.
Finally, an awesome, um, prairie dog moment.
(You can tell things are getting desperate around here…)
Yep. So, doesn’t that prairie dog make you feel like going out and voting for BARACK OBAMA? Especially if you live in, oh, say, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or New Hampshire??! THAT’S SURE HOW IT MAKES ME FEEL!!
Sigh… hang in there, people. It’s almost over.