The news is relentlessly bad, triggery, and heartbreaking. I go back and forth about these blog posts, because I don’t want to seem frivolous when so much bad stuff is going on. But — I want to celebrate our creativity, and I also want to express gratitude for our friends who’ve made a recent four weeks of costume parties possible. And I’m also hoping that our silly costumes will bring a smile to the face of you, Reader.

I’ve already blogged about the Babadook and the library :o)

Here’s what it was like anytime Kevin wanted a drink.

Next was the eighties party. In case you’re wondering,
that thing on my head is called a deelybopper!

Then — THEN — we took part in a ’60s spy murder mystery!!!

In this picture, Kevin, a CIA agent, is trying to determine who murdered his colleague, an MI6 agent, while I look on pretending to help but NOT REALLY HELPING BECAUSE I WAS A PRETEND MI6 AGENT WHO WAS ACTUALLY A KGB DOUBLE AGENT AND I GOT TO LIE TO EVERYONE ALL NIGHT LONG AND OMG IT WAS SO FUN!  Thanks for the picture, Sarah H, and thanks for organizing this wonderful party, J&J. And thanks to all our goofy friends who got into their roles and made this so much fun. :o)

Next, a friend’s spectacular costume birthday party! Kevin was sort of a… creepy suited fairy?

Not so creepy after all. I enjoyed his wings.

And I was the ocean! No, I did NOT make that ship :o). But it is one of my favorite possessions.

No more costumes for us for a while. But I’m brainstorming next Halloween :o).

And that’s that. I hope you are finding some light this November, dear readers.