Cindy Pon’s Serpentine Cover

There are a bunch of things going on that I really want to blog about, but work is very consuming right now. I keep telling myself I’ll just wait until I have a long moment, then blog them all at once, but I’m finally accepting that this is not going to happen. So instead, I’ll do what I probably should have done in the first place, which is blog each of them separately when I can…

The first is the beautiful cover for Cindy Pon’s new book, Serpentine, coming out in September!

Um, sorry about that enormous blurb covering her hair, which actually makes this a somewhat embarrassing cover to post on my blog (because it feels self-indulgent)! If I’d known they were going to do that, I would’ve given them one of those one-word blurbs. “Awesome.” But putting that part aside, isn’t it a lovely cover? You can read more about Cindy’s new book over at her blog. An excerpt from the description there: “Serpentine chronicles the tension and struggle among mortals, demons, and gods in the Kingdom of Xia as it tells the story of Skybright, a handmaid, who worries about her growing otherness upon her discovery that she’s half demon.” For my own part, I find this book to be wonderfully fresh, unusual for the YA market in the way it deals with sexuality and interpersonal relationships (more books like this, please!), and not to repeat my own blurb, but the fantasy world and the Kingdom of Xia setting drew me in immediately. (More books like this, please!) Here’s the cover reveal page from Month9Books, and I’m kicking myself, because I see there’s a giveaway that ended on May 29, which makes me really sorry I didn’t blog this sooner.