Chime, Outnumbered and Stuff

Kangaroo summoning and socks seem to be going head to head as the best birthday presents in my birthday poll. As I recall, that was the case last time, as well. (I actually voted for the least popular item, the foot-fungus-ridden seven league boots. Because being able to travel seven leagues in one step feels worth the itch right now… ^_^)

In other news, I will spend my whole life trying to write a book as beautiful as Chime, by Franny Billingsley. Seriously, folks, this is one of those books where my post-it flags became so numerous that I started to feel like I was flagging the whole book. The delicacy of these characterizations, the depth of feeling captured, the familiarity of some of our most basic and self-destructive feelings — guilt for hurting the people we love, turning to self-hatred, then deciding to try to heal — this book is gorgeous. (Also, randomly — and referring back to a previous post — it strikes me that it’s a book that Terrence Malick could make into a gorgeous Terrence Malick movie. Just the right mood and feel.)

If TV is more what you’re looking for, have you seen Outnumbered?

(ETA: Here’s a link in case you don’t get “the problem of the fourth plinth” reference and are curious.)

Finally, a note — I only just noticed that I never updated my My Books page to reflect that Bitterblue takes place eight years after Graceling, not six. This change occurred somewhere between drafts one and two, for a very specific reason that I’ll probably explain in a FAQ someday. Right now, it’s too spoilery to explain.

You’re probably beginning not to believe me, but I swear that I’ll be able to post some info soon about Bitterblue timing.