Cheerios Can Bite Me

Today’s rant comes to you from my Cheerios box, where I’ve just noticed that General Mills has trademarked this phrase: “More grains. Less you!”

The good news about this is that since it’s a registered trademark, no one else is allowed to use it. Therefore, we won’t see this unbelievably obnoxious message anywhere other than on our General Mills cereal boxes, which, frankly, we can stop buying. General Mills? What exactly is better about less me? Why would I buy a cereal that implies something is better about LESS ME? Have you failed to notice that I AM AWESOME? I want a cereal that gives me MORE me! But let’s forget about me for a minute. Do you understand that your cereal boxes are sitting on millions upon millions of breakfast tables across the world, and there are kids and teenagers at those tables, bleary-eyed and grumpy about being awake, reading their cereal boxes while they eat? Which means that you are teaching them from a very young age that they and their bodies should be taking up less space in the world. That they should contain themselves, keep themselves small. That they should hate their fat, which is a part of themselves. That they should aspire to be less visible. Why would you trademark a phrase that creates shame? It’s just despicable. These are the moments when I wish I didn’t have a No F-bomb policy on my blog.

Here is a link to HAES, the Heath at Every Size movement.