In Which the Babies Discover Leverage

The Internets surely are dangerous today for people (i.e., me) trying to avoid the temptation of Mockingjay spoilers. That’s why I’m going to blog about twin babies! So, here’s the thing about twin babies: the ways they interact with each other are awesome. For example, the way the awake one tries to wake up the… Read more »

Welcome, Babies, to the World

Step 1: Open up a new tab and get this song playing on youtube (“C’est la Vie”, by Cameroonian artist Henri Dikongué). Step 2: Come back here, and, unless you speak French ^_^, check out the English translation of the lyrics. A birth, a cryA pain, a noiseA body so soft, my friendA heart that… Read more »

The NYT Book Review is kind to Graceling. I ♥ Finland. A shout-out to a baby. More things. Plus, the longest post title ever!

News: The New York Times book review of Graceling is here (major spoiler alert!). Thank you, NYTBR, for a lovely piece. I am overwhelmed. More news: Graceling has managed to finagle a place among Publishers Weekly‘s Best Books of the Year and’s Best Books of 2008. Again, thanks! So. My sisters (secret code names:… Read more »