La La La La

In the Boston Public Garden, walking on the grass is not allowed. The other day, codename: Isis (nearly two years old) kept trying to climb over the low chain to get onto the grass. Codename: Cordelia said to her, “No, Isis, we’re not allowed on the grass.” Isis said, “Okay Mommy.” Then she threw her… Read more »

Twins in the House

Lack of blogging is due to the presence of toddler twins in the house. This morning, I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so everything was a little fuzzy at the edges. I thought I saw codename: Isis, two years old, down the hall. Someone I was pretty sure was codename: Phoenix, also two years old, came… Read more »

A Book Recommendation and a Bank Non-Recommendation

Writers out there: I strongly recommend the book Writing the Other: a Practical Approach, by Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward. It’s the companion book to Shawl and Ward’s Writing the Other Workshop. From the workshop website (linked to above): “Are you afraid to write about characters whose racial heritage, sexual orientation, or religion differs from… Read more »

December Rundown

A Text Message from My Sister, Secret Codename: CordeliaI’ve decided we should make gingerbread people with the girls while ur here. We’ll put down a tarp. An Email from My Sister, Secret Codename: Apocalyptica the FlimflammerFor Christmas I am making Mom and Dad a present that involves seashells. Yesterday I went for a very long… Read more »

This Is How It’s Done, Take Two

The girls are playing together quietly in the other room. Signs suggest that they intend to keep doing so indefinitely — but it’s 2pm, which is a good nap time, and they aren’t bouncing around with energy, so… well, you might as well try. You pick one up in either arm, stand up (that’s one… Read more »

Pieces of Memory. Plus, the World’s Longest Version of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”

It’s moving season here in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Today I watched neighbors lower furniture through the window of a third story apartment using a rope and pulley. This reminded me of seeing all the pulley hooks at the top of houses in Amsterdam when I was on tour last spring. Apparently, Amsterdam stairways are narrow! Of… Read more »

In Which the Babies Discover Leverage

The Internets surely are dangerous today for people (i.e., me) trying to avoid the temptation of Mockingjay spoilers. That’s why I’m going to blog about twin babies! So, here’s the thing about twin babies: the ways they interact with each other are awesome. For example, the way the awake one tries to wake up the… Read more »

Why I Haven’t Been Blogging Much

Sometime in July, I got a massage. Before we started, as usual, I gave the masseuse a rundown of all the little aches and pains, pulled muscles and bruises I had so she would know what she was working with. It was a longer list than usual, and then, after we’d started, she kept pointing… Read more »

The Cuteness, It Burns

What used to be birthday week around these parts is now birthday month… because as I approach my 34th birthday, guess who — and who else — is (are?) about to turn one whole year old? That’s secret codename: Phoenix on the left and secret codename: Isis on the right, in a photo taken way… Read more »