Bad Days, Voice Recognition Software, SNoQ, and Benedict Cumberbatch

Wednesday was one of those days where you wake up and it’s so dark outside that you feel like there must’ve been some mix-up with the sun. And it never gets any brighter, and also your hands hurt, but you have to do a lot of computer work anyway, and because your hands hurt, you’re… Read more »

The Mysteries of the Multiverse

If my initial reaction to the theory that our universe is just one in an infinite series of universes in the multiverse, each universe containing a slightly different version of me — if my initial reaction to this theory is that I’m going to be the BEST one (of all the me’s) and all the… Read more »

No Blogging Juice

But I can share some awesomeness. First, want to see the views from an astronaut’s camera? <br/><a href=”” target=”_new”title=”View From An Astronaut’s Camera”>Video: View From An Astronaut’s Camera</a> Next, here’s something that cracked me up (click to enbiggen): Thanks to The Riot for creating it, and thanks to Hydrodynamically Captivating for bringing it to my… Read more »

Your Sun Is Lighting My Moon

So, years ago, when I started an email correspondence with my lovely Australian publicist, we discovered that not only had he and I both studied at Sydney Uni at the same time, in the same program, possibly even taking the same lectures — but I’d worked at the pub where he’d gone to drink beer!… Read more »

Perspective for a Friday

I continue to have the will to blog but not the time. Since I don’t want to leave you all with nothing, here’s some instant perspective: Source: Can you believe that beautiful thing exists in our world? (It’s called the Sombrero Galaxy and you should really click on it to make it bigger.) I… Read more »

Beauty for a Monday

Since this is a post about beauty, I wanted to use my most beautiful book cover as an icon. Not an easy choice, but I found myself returning to an old classic. So, I’ve got two things to show you today. The first is from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day; it’s the photo from… Read more »

In Which Fantasy Is Hard on the Brains. (A.K.A. This Post is Too Long?)

So, I’ve decided I want to play the triangle in a production of Igor Stravinsky’s Firebird. Somewhere on this big, round earth, there must be a symphony orchestra facing the tragic circumstance of having to cancel its upcoming performance of the Firebird for lack of a triangle player, mustn’t there? I’ve looked at the score… Read more »