Pretty Maps

This week, my happiness about Elizabeth Warren running for Senate in Massachusetts… (transcript here) …combined with this (funny? offensive? certainly clever, certainly reductive) t-shirt for sale at Threadless Tees… (click on it to enbiggen; you can buy it here) …combined with my recent perusal of maps because I’m going on vacation next week to a… Read more »

Squares and Triangles Agree: Circles Are Pointless. (Plus, a Bitterblue Update)

Gollancz YA cover for Fire —–> So, the t-shirt on the left (by Pete Mitchell; buy it at Threadless) tickles me. Poor little pointless circle! But the t-shirt on the right (by Allan Faustino; buy it at Threadless) makes me sad. Aw, Mr. Rhino! You’re breaking my heart! Don’t you see how beautiful you are?… Read more »