Secret Council Letters from the Spring of Bitterblue’s Eighteenth Year

So, as I’ve mentioned before, in the spring before Bitterblue’s eighteenth birthday (before the events of Bitterblue take place), Bitterblue, Katsa, Raffin, Po, and Giddon wrote some letters to each other. If you have a device for reading e-books, you can download the letters for free, along with samples from each of my books, at… Read more »

Free Ebook Sampler + Some Silly Letters

For any readers with ebook devices, there’s currently a free sampler of my work available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple’s iTunes Store. The sampler contains excerpts from Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue, plus an extra thingamajig: some (silly!) letters that Bitterblue, Katsa, Raffin, Bann, and Po wrote to each other during the spring before… Read more »