These Are the Creatures in Your Neighborhood

A few days ago, while walking down a nearby street, I came upon an enormous wild turkey. It was rather a surprising sight in the middle of Cambridge, Massachusetts. A confused man was taking pictures of it. We had a little chat about how confused we were about it. Later the same day, I was… Read more »


The night before I left for Bologna, an orange cat (of whom I’m very fond) randomly, with no urging from humans, walked a protection circle around me. I realize this year what a good visit to Bologna I had last year because I keep stumbling across my favorite old haunts and realizing, “Goodness me, I… Read more »

This Post Is About People

Hellooooooooooo beautiful people! I’m home. I’m still processing the last two weeks, so this post might be scattered. I’ll start in Bologna, where I had dinner in a restored medieval tower with my editors / publishers from Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Finland, and Spain (both Castillan and Catalan), not to mention my wonderful agents… Read more »