Monday Randutiae

A few links for your Monday… Jon Almeda at Almeda Pottery makes the teeniest, tiniest stuff on his teeny potter’s wheel. Here’s his Instagram. Ack! So beautiful. (Thanks Alison!) ETA: Here’s a gorgeous collection of pictures at Bored Panda. In a similar vein, Althea Crome at Bugknits knits with needles sometimes practically as thin as… Read more »

Bears, Cars, and Feminine Sensibilities

On Tuesday I went for another lovely walk in another lovely snowstorm. Everyone seemed good-humored about having to balance on snowbanks. At one point, there was a man some distance ahead of me who was walking toward me and yelling that he wanted a bear. I wasn’t sure what to make of this, but decided… Read more »

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Sigh… SIGH….. So, my car just returned from the shop. “It’s a ’97 Ford Escort with 175,000 miles on it,” my mechanic kept saying. “It needs a new transmission. Your clutch is slipping. You need new rear brakes. You have a leak in the [insert car part I can’t remember]. Is this a northern car?… Read more »