A Media Inventory

First things first: on the right is the Graceling cover for the Portuguese language edition published by Alfaguara Infantil & Juvenil in Portugal (not to be confused with the Portuguese language edition that will be published by Rocco in Brazil). —-> Okay, ready? Book most recently read and enjoyed:Kushiel’s Dart, by Jacqueline Carey. Book I’m… Read more »

Movie FAQs

Has anyone optioned Graceling and/or Fire yet?Nope! Who would you want to play the various characters? Do you have any movie ideas?On rare occasions, I try to picture Katsa, and usually, I fail. Sometimes, however, Zhang Ziyi springs to mind, because she can be fierce. Truth is, I’d love to see Graceling translated into a… Read more »

Who Are Your Character Crushes?

So, the other day in the grocery store, the two people in front of me were listing their celebrity crushes. Ewan McGregor; Kate Winslet; Colin Farrell; Colin Firth; John Stamos; Emily Mortimer; people I’d never heard of and therefore can’t remember; the list went on and on. So I gave it some thought, and came… Read more »

Some Memes Are Too Fun to Resist

The sun has gone down on the Olympics for me a tiny bit ever since Ian Thorpe retired; how I miss the battles between the Thorpedo and Pieter von den Hoogenband! And MUST they keep showing the President looking like a bored frat boy as he watches the events? Here I am, all gleefully proud… Read more »