Apocalyptica Face Paints

So, my sister, codename: Apocalyptica the Flimflammer, has given me permission to share some more of her face painting. Please note that she owns these pictures; feel free to link to them but please do not gank them. Barn. Blue jay. I asked Apocalyptica why she likes to face paint. She said a lot of… Read more »

Today’s Randutiae: Crown-Making

And now, I would like to post about something else. (Hopefully, y’all would like to read about something else.) For example: Sometimes in life, one finds oneself needing to make a crown. Having accidentally stumbled upon an easy but snazzy crown formula, I thought I’d share.  Supplies: felt, ribbon, needle and thread. It didn’t occur… Read more »


That bud on the upper left has beencurled tight for two and a half months. Look what it did today.

The Phantom Sculptor Strikes Again

The month has only just begun, but already, December is reliably crazy. I’ll do my utmost to keep blogging, right up until the point where it starts feeling like another task on my list. Today I don’t have time for anything of my own, but this post by Robert Krulwich on the NPR blog is… Read more »

Monday Randutiae

So, when I posted about Winter’s Bone a few weeks back, I didn’t realize that the main actress, Jennifer Lawrence (whom I greatly admired), is our future Katniss Evergreen. (Edit: EverDEEN. Can I blame that on my voice recognition software? It’s clearly read Harry Potter and a lot of Charles Dickens, but The Hunger Games… Read more »

*is proud*

So, there are a lot of creative people in my family, and some of them take their creativity in unusual and, frankly, awesome directions. The Cashore Marionettes, for example (my dad’s cousin ^_^). I highly recommend you watch their promo videos. Also, something my sister, codename: Apocalyptica the Flimflammer, does in her free time, which… Read more »