This Morning’s Entrances and Openings

Look what exists on a post in Davis Square. And in Harvard Square, this wet spot on the sidewalk brought something to mind for me. You?  Wish I could grab it. (And since I don’t assume you see what I see — here’s a hint re: what I see. ^_^)

September Fall, September Spring

On a recent morning, I left my house early to meet a friend for breakfast, then had to go back inside for some arm warmers. The shadows are growing longer here in Massachusetts, the light grows more yellow, the mornings are chilly and crisp, and a few of the very earliest trees are starting to… Read more »

Saint-Malo: Around Town

Before I get to the pictures, just wanted to announce a couple pieces of lovely news. (1) Bitterblue is a #1 bestseller in Sweden. A big thank you to my wonderful Swedish readers, and also to the folks at my Swedish publisher, Semic, who’ve put so much talent and effort into the book! As my… Read more »


Here in Cambridge, as in a number of nearby towns, we are generally all doing what we’re told and staying inside while the search for the Boston Marathon bombings suspect continues. What a strange and difficult day. What a hard week the Boston area has had. I have been thinking a lot about the parts… Read more »

Look for the Helpers

Thanks, KCD, for the reminder of Mr. Rogers’ words on this crazy morning. Thanks also to all the loved ones who keep checking in.

Also, an email from the Boston Philharmonic

This email just hit my inbox. For those of you not in range of Boston’s WGBH, to the best of my knowledge, you can stream it online. What better week to listen to the Boston Philharmonic perform Beethoven’s 9th? The email: Dear Friends of the Boston Philharmonic, We have been mourning this week with the… Read more »