Peaceful Country Living

[Trigger warning for deadly weapons and also dog attacks.] [But aside from that, it’s a funny post! I swear!] So. As it says in my bio, “I grew up in the countryside of northeastern Pennsylvania in a village with cows and barns and beautiful views from the top of the hill and all that good… Read more »

Books I’m Currently Dying to Read

It’s causing me pain that I am not reading all of these books this very moment. Also, I need to vacuum my rug. The Scorpio Races, by Maggie StiefvaterThe Jewel-Hinged Jaw, essays on science fiction by Samuel R. DelanyCloud Atlas, by David MitchellOut of Left Field, by Liza KetchumWild Things! Acts of Mischief in Children’s… Read more »

Scenes from the Aquarium

One day this past week, I sat on the ledge of the footbridge while the sun was setting, with my feet hanging over the water. There was a little old lady watching the sunset next to me (she was not on the ledge), and I thought to myself, Oh, that’s the kind of little old… Read more »


When I told my sister, codename: Cordelia, how it feels to be here today on the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, she pointed out that maybe it’s better that the anniversary is almost a week before this year’s marathon (next Monday). It gives people space to grieve. I hadn’t thought of that; I… Read more »

New Year’s Dreaming

Bulgarian cover for Fire! Published by Emas, designed by Zlatina Zareva. Click to enbiggen! ——> ****** My dear nieces (accidentally and with great affection) gave me a Christmas present of a terrible cold in which my head was like a TARDIS of snot, so I’ve fallen behind in some things, including blogging. (The TARDIS, for… Read more »

Snowy Randutiae for a Sunday

Yesterday was one of those perfect winter days wherein the snow begins early in the day, but lightly – the five-flakes-per-minute variety – then slowly builds, and your own schedule brings you out into it while it’s beautiful but not yet gusty and difficult. I had a magical snow walk, then got home to a… Read more »


This… is the southern tip of Greenland. Wow. And this… and this… and especially this… is how I know I’m home. 🙂

Fall Along the Northeast Corridor

Fall in Boston (Cambridge in the foreground)… fall in New York (Washington Square Park)… and fall at a train station in between. (Whereas once I would’ve said that these photos were taken thanks to my iPhone 4s, since the most recent iOS update, the best I can say is that they were taken despite my… Read more »

New England October Rain

  I liked this lady who was biking through the rain with at least a dozen soccer balls. (Taken from the bus.)  These people have installed new outdoor carpeting.  New England in October… Happy sigh.