And now for something different…

The hats of the Kentucky Derby, in pictures. In other news, it’s supposed to be near 80°F today (26°C), and I can’t remember how to do that. What do I wear again? Do I bring a layer? Should I open the windows? What’s going on? Only a few days ago, there were still piles of… Read more »


It is RAINING NOT SNOWING. Today I wore SNEAKERS NOT BOOTS. It’s all of 36°F (2°C), but there was only one possible choice of umbrella.

“Mom, It’s Time We Had the Talk”

Go listen to my friend Amanda MacGregor and her eight-year-old son Callum talk about sex on the podcast The Longest Shortest Time. It’s twenty-two minutes long and wonderful. Amanda and Callum, I salute you. In case you were wondering, at this exact moment, it’s not snowing, but it was snowing earlier and I have no… Read more »

Five Emails and Several Pictures on the Topic of SNOW

It’s becoming difficult to take pictures that convey the absurdity of the situation here in the Boston area. The pictures just don’t do it justice (and it’s hard to get a full view of anything, because backing up quickly puts you against a snowbank). It’s not unusual to walk down a badly-shoveled sidewalk with walls… Read more »

In My Office, It’s Warm

I have leaves, butterflies, and cups of tea. The turtle, the ladybug, and the owl are lined up at the starting line, backed up by a quorum of German angels and one curious polar bear. This is my magic wand. This is where I’m growing my ideas. These ships are sailing straight toward a tall… Read more »

Two Songs

It started snowing Saturday morning, then snowed steadily until very early this morning (Tuesday). Add an additional two feet or so to the pictures I posted last week and you’ll get the idea. At some point, I started taking little videos of the scene on my street and sending them to my nieces in Florida…. Read more »

The Report from Eastern Massachusetts

Dear readers, Here in Cambridge, we’re having some problems. I’m sorry about this person’s bike. I’m sorry about this person’s… car? (Though at least they have a parking spot.) It says “MOST BURRIED.” Too much snow affects people’s spelling. The mailman looks like the Grim Reaper. The fire hydrants are shivering. Some person has lost… Read more »

Fall in Mount Auburn Cemetery

The next thing I do on this blog will be my post about superhero girls and women, so help me God.  I just looked it up and I’ve been promising to do that since July! Eeek! But for now, here’s a little bit of autumn in New England for those of you who don’t get… Read more »