In Which We Do Boda Borg

It’s October…. so we did Boda Borg! Without a doubt, one of my favorite monthly new things so far. Oh my gourd, it was fun. What’s Boda Borg? I’ll explain best I can, but first, for those readers who know what it is and are worried that this post will contain clues or cheats, I… Read more »

Notes from Birthday Month

It’s birthday month on the blog and things are looking up with my revision. o/o/ Also, my nieces just turned 7… my father will shortly turn 75… and next week, I turn 40! I’m certain it never occurred to me when I was a kid that someday I would be glowing with happiness to be… Read more »

Moving and Floating

We decided to go to Float, this place in Somerville where you close yourself inside a small floating tank with body-temperature water containing a thousand pounds of Epson salts (causing guaranteed flotation), and, in silence and complete darkness, float for an hour. Why, you ask? Curiosity, I guess. You step into this tank of water… Read more »

Orchids and Wolves

From home, here’s an update on my re-flowering orchid: A lot of people are nervous about caring for orchids, but in my experience, the big secret is that they do great with a light touch. It’s practically impossible to underwater an orchid. This particular orchid suffered through a sustained period of neglect (like, over a… Read more »

Spring Report from Cambridge

In my house, it’s still cold. The heat is on. I’m knitting blanket squares. Yes, that’s a dalek. (Here’s the washcloth version. You can knit one, too. The pattern is by Penwiper and you can find it here.) Spring tulips shivering on my messy desk. The trees are starting to flower but I was wearing… Read more »