Kevin Hikes Off and I Write

At my beautiful writing cabin in Talkeetna, Alaska, overlooking the mountains of Denali National Park, I took pictures…. It’s raining in the moutains… See the face? I took this one at sunset, around 10:30pm…. While Kevin, preparing for his solo hiking trip, counted calories in chocolate, pasta, jerky, etc. to make sure he was bringing… Read more »

Hiking and Camping at Eagle River

In Eagle River, Alaska, we did another overnight hike and camp. This time we made a point of practicing with the GoPro, which is a small, rugged, waterproof outdoor camera. It creates a bit of a fishbowl effect. In real life, the trees weren’t really bending toward me :). This part of Alaska is full… Read more »

Guess Where We Are

We started up a fairly steep, winding dirt path, wanting to see if it led to a beautiful and isolated spot where we might make camp for the night. After a while, we realized that given the steepness of the terrain, we should really go back down to the car and get our gear. Why… Read more »