February 14: Interplanetary Be Who You Are Day

So, there are a lot of things I don’t like about Valentine’s Day. For example, where our roses and diamonds come from. But less urgent, and closer to home, here’s something else I don’t like about Valentine’s Day: it tries to divide people up into two neat categories. (1) People who are madly in love… Read more »

My Obligatory Election Post

(With apologies up front to my readers who are not American or are too young to vote. I must write this post — but I promise, I’ll only do it once.) So. I am not, nor have I ever been, politically eloquent. If I relied on my own powers of persuasion to explain to you… Read more »

It’s a Mad Mission — Sign Me Up

My title comes from a song by Patty Griffin, who’s on my iPod and in all my CD players at the moment, thanks to my friend Joan, who also happens to be one of my intrepid readers. I miss forests and hills, but I’ll say this for Florida: the skies can’t be beat. Every day… Read more »

It’s Just a Phase

I thought y’all might be getting tired of my book cover, so today I’m giving you my agent wearing a Graceling tattoo on her pregnant belly. Doesn’t it look great?!! Faye, if the baby turns out to be a Graceling, don’t blame me. And don’t name him Po. Apparently that means “butt” in German. So,… Read more »