Diversity in YA Tour

Readers in San Francisco, Austin, Chicago, Cambridge MA, New York City, and San Diego — Cindy Pon and Malinda Lo’s Diversity in YA Fiction tour is coming to you in May. Here’s the Diversity in YA tour schedule. Cindy and Malinda will be presenting panels in the company of a whole lot of other great… Read more »

A Book Recommendation and a Bank Non-Recommendation

Writers out there: I strongly recommend the book Writing the Other: a Practical Approach, by Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward. It’s the companion book to Shawl and Ward’s Writing the Other Workshop. From the workshop website (linked to above): “Are you afraid to write about characters whose racial heritage, sexual orientation, or religion differs from… Read more »

Not a Lot to Say on This Thursday

Conversation between two people, overheard on the street: PERSON 1: You could certainly drop the appendix.PERSON 2: Yes, the appendix! Here’s what I’m wondering. Do you think they were graduate students or writers (or some such) talking about a document? OR, do you think they were surgeons, having a conversation about which organs it’s acceptable… Read more »

And How about Some Two-Minute Blogging?

I really like Adrienne K.’s most recent post at her blog, Native Appropriations. The post is called “Full Blood, Verifiable Native American: A Weird Experience at Trivia Night.” Go check it out.

Some Links for a Nearly-Solstice Monday

I just wanted to let you all know that my blog break is going excellently.  (How would you know unless I blogged it?) My publisher in Taiwan (Gaea) is releasing Graceling again with a new jacket that a lot of you will find familiar. Click to enbiggen ——–> I’ve been reading some good blog posts… Read more »

A Few More Things I Love…

…because, well, they just keep rolling in, and I don’t feel like waiting for my Monday post. This cartoon, starring a little fellow many of us know and love. (Look at the cartoon before you click to the little fellow.) Thanks, C. This picture slideshow, 25 photos long, of signs seen at the recent Rally… Read more »