Saint-Malo: Around Town

Before I get to the pictures, just wanted to announce a couple pieces of lovely news. (1) Bitterblue is a #1 bestseller in Sweden. A big thank you to my wonderful Swedish readers, and also to the folks at my Swedish publisher, Semic, who’ve put so much talent and effort into the book! As my… Read more »

Saint-Malo: Rooftops and Chimneys

One of the first things I noticed about Saint-Malo is the distinctive wide, flat chimneys. I was told this is very typical in Brittany. I couldn’t get enough of them. I’ve mentioned before that Saint-Malo is a city inside a wall; I took some of these pictures while standing on the ground and some from… Read more »

Saint-Malo: A Day in the Life at Étonnants Voyageurs

Signing. Drinks. Going to sit on a panel, which may or may not be taking place inside a secret garden.(My lovely interpreter, Hélène Bury, took this photo!) More signing. In case you’re under the misapprehension that signing mostly involvessigning, actually it’s mostly talking about cassoulet recipes with Jean-Claude Dunyach,watching Laurence Suhner draw beautiful pictures, and… Read more »

Saint-Malo: Details on Buildings

I has Wi-Fi! But not much time for blogging this evening, so I’m going to do two quick posts, each with a particular theme. With these Saint-Malo pictures, I’m going to start small and work my way up to the big stuff. First: little things on buildings. Like graffiti of kitties. Like gargoyle drains (on… Read more »

So Many Pictures of Saint-Malo, So Little Wi-Fi

I think it’s impossible to take an ugly picture in Saint-Malo, which is a walled city in Brittany, right on the English Channel. Unfortunately, it takes a long time and costs a fortune for me to upload the pictures unless I have good Wi-Fi, which I don’t at the moment, so it’ll be a few… Read more »

Newsy Stuff, Including Movie Stuff

I’ve gotten the go-ahead to announce that India-based Reliance Entertainment is developing Graceling into a movie. From this press release at Variety: “producer Deepak Nayar (‘Paranoia’) will oversee the project for Reliance and Kintop Pictures and will produce alongside Tabrez Noorani (‘Life of Pi’) of Tamasha Talkies and Leigh Ann Burton for Blu-Sky Media. British… Read more »

Cambridgeport Scenes

To my wonderful readers in France: I will be at Étonnants Voyageurs (which is an international festival of books and film) in Saint-Malo from 18-20 May, and will be making my second appearance at Imaginales (a stupendous fantasy conference) in Épinal from 23-26 May. I hope to see you there. To reassure those of you… Read more »

Sens and environs

Greetings from Belgium, which I’m crossing by train. I’m on my way to Amsterdam. This is a post that will definitely require a cut. I have minimal time, but will try to make notations of locations and so on! Sens is a town in the Burgundy region of France, about 100 km southeast of Paris…. Read more »