Why I Haven’t Been Blogging Much

Sometime in July, I got a massage. Before we started, as usual, I gave the masseuse a rundown of all the little aches and pains, pulled muscles and bruises I had so she would know what she was working with. It was a longer list than usual, and then, after we’d started, she kept pointing… Read more »

In Which I ♥ My Field (and My Friends)

1. The following is an email exchange between Becca, Amanda, Jess, and me. Me: Guys! I sprained my ass on the flying trapeze. Now I’m sitting on a cold compress.Becca: I read “cold compress” as “golden compass” and was considerably puzzled. Golden compass explanation. 2. The following is an email exchange between Mike and me…. Read more »

A Flying Post

At midnight ET, when this post is set to publish, I will (presumably) be in the sky, flying to France. You know what was invented in France? The flying trapeze! Obviously, this calls for a trapezey post. Warning! To those afraid of heights: this is a trapezey post! (Hello. Those of you who’ve been reading… Read more »

She Has Dreams, You Know

Hello! Your floopy author here, jumping in on a Tuesday eve with stuff and things. Check it out — the cover of Fire, Catalan edition, published by Grup62! Click to see it bigger. I secretly love it, even though it, um, has problematic associations in English 🙂 —————–> So, as everyone knows, the best time… Read more »

Monday Ruminating

A friend recently told me that she can’t bear the flying trapeze pictures on my blog, and was even starting to wonder if she was going to have to stop reading my blog because I kept springing trapeze stuff on her. You know, here I’ve been, completely oblivious in my love of jumping off things,… Read more »

She Flies Through the Air with a Touch of Unease

So, at TSNY Beantown (the trapeze school), there are signs that say, “Forget fear. Worry about the addiction.” I had my second flying trapeze lesson last week. (If you missed my first, I talked all about it here.) Click on the photo below to see just how silly that silly face is: (The white bar… Read more »

Sending my Congrats into the Ether. Also, VOTE

I watched the Youth Media Awards webcast live with a second tab open to my library account so that I could put books on hold as they were announced. Congratulations are flying around the internet, of course, and I’d like to add mine. Especially to Rebecca Stead and Francisco Stork for When You Reach Me… Read more »