Fill in the Blank, and a Promise

I don’t _______________ enough anymore. Fill in the blank. And here’s a suggestion: whatever the thing is — if it’s possible — make a plan to do it sometime soon. My answer: I don’t bake bread enough anymore, which makes me sad, because I love to bake bread from scratch, do all that kneading, and… Read more »

Fill in the Blank

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is ______________. My answer: go into the room where all the plants are and adjust the curtains so that they’ll be happy with the light. Your answer? (Don’t forget, I only see comments made at my Blog Actual.) On Monday, I hope to… Read more »

Fill in the Blank (and a Warrior in Training)

Check out my young pal, secret codename: Morgan. (Now is probably an appropriate time to let you all know that it’s not a real sword!) So, my friend aroraborealis does a cool thing now and then on her blog — a fill-in-the-blank sort of thing — and I always enjoy it, so I’m going to… Read more »