Bernie and the Bird

On the chance you have not yet seen Bernie and the bird. (If you can’t see the vid, go to my Blog Actual.) Sorry again for the lack of blogging. I am trying so hard to get my next book in shape so it can get out into the world!

This Week in Women

Sometimes I wonder if Rush Limbaugh is a secret liberal whose strategy is to make the far right look JUST THAT BAD. If only. But listening to all the conversation and outrage that’s followed his most recent vile contribution to the national dialogue, I can’t help but feel like he’s accidentally done feminism a favor…. Read more »

Pretty Maps

This week, my happiness about Elizabeth Warren running for Senate in Massachusetts… (transcript here) …combined with this (funny? offensive? certainly clever, certainly reductive) t-shirt for sale at Threadless Tees… (click on it to enbiggen; you can buy it here) …combined with my recent perusal of maps because I’m going on vacation next week to a… Read more »

Monday Randutiae

So, when I posted about Winter’s Bone a few weeks back, I didn’t realize that the main actress, Jennifer Lawrence (whom I greatly admired), is our future Katniss Evergreen. (Edit: EverDEEN. Can I blame that on my voice recognition software? It’s clearly read Harry Potter and a lot of Charles Dickens, but The Hunger Games… Read more »

And Then, South Bend

In my signing line at Saint Mary’s College, a few people expressed surprise that I’d come to South Bend to do an event. The explanation is simple: I have family there. And family tradition: a LOT of people in my paternal family are alums of Notre Dame or Saint Mary’s, and a few of them… Read more »