Upcoming Cover Reveal and Excerpt

I have permission to share that my cover reveal for Jane, Unlimited will take place on Friday at EW.com. I’ll link to it once it’s up. An excerpt will also be available, so you can get a taste of this book that’s very different from anything else I’ve published so far :o). And that’s all… Read more »

Cindy Pon’s Serpentine Cover

There are a bunch of things going on that I really want to blog about, but work is very consuming right now. I keep telling myself I’ll just wait until I have a long moment, then blog them all at once, but I’m finally accepting that this is not going to happen. So instead, I’ll… Read more »

Street Art in Amsterdam

Rebecca Stead texted me this picture she took near a canal somewhere-or-other in Amsterdam (I have explained before about the sense of direction we both share) with the comment that it immediately struck her as a topless Graceling cover. Publishers: get on it.

January Cold Randutiae

A couple years ago, we had one of those winters that never really got started… hardly any snow, and the temperatures weirdly high. Spring came and I felt like I’d been cheated. That’s certainly not happening this year. And here in Cambridge, our frequent temps of 10 and 20°F (-12 and -7°C, approximately) are downright… Read more »

New Year’s Dreaming

Bulgarian cover for Fire! Published by Emas, designed by Zlatina Zareva. Click to enbiggen! ——> ****** My dear nieces (accidentally and with great affection) gave me a Christmas present of a terrible cold in which my head was like a TARDIS of snot, so I’ve fallen behind in some things, including blogging. (The TARDIS, for… Read more »

Bulgarian Katsa

My Bulgarian publisher, Emas Publishing, has released Graceling, and their cover is one of my favorites. I particularly like the grim color scheme, only broken up by the subtle colors of Katsa’s eyes. The artist is Zlatina Zareva. Thank you, Emas!

Some Tips if You’re Revising

(Chinese cover of Graceling, published by Yongzheng —>) Have a manuscript that isn’t working? Might these suggestions help? 1. Divide it into its smallest components.Print out your manuscript. Sit down with a big pile of paper clips. Then, start pulling the manuscript apart and dividing/clipping it by scene. (Is your beginning more of a mess… Read more »

Randutiae and a Cover

Guys, look what you can get at Crate & Barrel for only $400. *……* NEVER SKIMP ON YOUR WHITE RECTANGLE. So, I recently realized that a problem in my house can be solved by getting a new bookcase. I’m very excited to have an excuse to get a new bookcase. It also gives me an… Read more »