A Media Inventory

First things first: on the right is the Graceling cover for the Portuguese language edition published by Alfaguara Infantil & Juvenil in Portugal (not to be confused with the Portuguese language edition that will be published by Rocco in Brazil). —-> Okay, ready? Book most recently read and enjoyed:Kushiel’s Dart, by Jacqueline Carey. Book I’m… Read more »

Squares and Triangles Agree: Circles Are Pointless. (Plus, a Bitterblue Update)

Gollancz YA cover for Fire —–> So, the t-shirt on the left (by Pete Mitchell; buy it at Threadless) tickles me. Poor little pointless circle! But the t-shirt on the right (by Allan Faustino; buy it at Threadless) makes me sad. Aw, Mr. Rhino! You’re breaking my heart! Don’t you see how beautiful you are?… Read more »

Monday Ruminating

A friend recently told me that she can’t bear the flying trapeze pictures on my blog, and was even starting to wonder if she was going to have to stop reading my blog because I kept springing trapeze stuff on her. You know, here I’ve been, completely oblivious in my love of jumping off things,… Read more »

In Which Fantasy Is Hard on the Brains. (A.K.A. This Post is Too Long?)

So, I’ve decided I want to play the triangle in a production of Igor Stravinsky’s Firebird. Somewhere on this big, round earth, there must be a symphony orchestra facing the tragic circumstance of having to cancel its upcoming performance of the Firebird for lack of a triangle player, mustn’t there? I’ve looked at the score… Read more »

FAQS, Finally!

My FAQ pages are up. Click on the “Frequently Asked Questions” link on the left, which will bring you to my FAQ Index… or, if you’re not actually on my blog at the moment, just go here. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, there won’t be anything new, but the questions are… Read more »