Just Be Sure That Yours Is Not the One

In case you missed it, I made an announcement about Bitterblue on Thursday. You know, I wanted to come here and try to express some of my thoughts and feelings about what it was like to write this book, tell some stories, and describe how it feels to be done writing it. But I don’t… Read more »

The Bitterblue News I’ve Been Promising

(Click to embiggen) Bitterblue will be released on May 1, 2012 in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. It will be released on the same day in a few other countries/languages as well; I’ll supply that information when I have it. A few reasons I love the (USA/Canada) cover above: It feels like… Read more »

“Okay, Mulder, but I’m warning you: if this is monkey pee, you’re on your own.”

That’s what Scully says to Mulder when Mulder hands her a flask of yellow liquid that came from a laboratory full of caged monkeys, gives her one of his significant “no-doubt-it’s-evidence-of-extraterrestrial-life” looks, and asks her if she can figure out what it is. And in this case, it does turn out to be evidence of… Read more »

Chime, Outnumbered and Stuff

Kangaroo summoning and socks seem to be going head to head as the best birthday presents in my birthday poll. As I recall, that was the case last time, as well. (I actually voted for the least popular item, the foot-fungus-ridden seven league boots. Because being able to travel seven leagues in one step feels… Read more »

Bleary Photo Essay

Let’s start with a new cover that I LOVE. Here’s Graceling in Japanese, published by Hayakawa: Can I have that outfit? At least the boots? Next, here’s one of my favorite things. Let me help you parse that picture: an orchid sits in a leather chair. (No, that’s not where I normally keep it. The… Read more »

Notes for the New Year

I kind of love New Year’s. Other holidays make me grumpy, but the new year makes me all contemplative and stuff. I’m thinking about my resolutions for this year, and will probably post something about that soon. To my readers in Germany: I’ll be visiting you this March (yay!), in Cologne, Leipzig, and possibly other… Read more »

In Which Music Soothes the Savage Beast

Bitterblue is eating me alive. Sometimes, when you’re being eaten alive, the most basic life questions become difficult to answer. What should I wear today? What do I feel like eating? If I threw my phone into the path of this steamroller, would that be such a terrible thing? Is it possible my upstairs neighbor… Read more »

To Boldly Go Where No One Has Ever Gone Before

(This morning I tried to psych myself up for writing by telling myself that that’s what I was doing.) I’ve been thinking about some of the things that make revision tricky. A few days ago, I found myself unsure about how to attack the next plotty piece in my novel…. so, to work that out… Read more »