The Cuteness, It Burns

What used to be birthday week around these parts is now birthday month… because as I approach my 34th birthday, guess who — and who else — is (are?) about to turn one whole year old? That’s secret codename: Phoenix on the left and secret codename: Isis on the right, in a photo taken way… Read more »

A Birthday Poll

It’s my birthday week! If you were around for my last birthday, you may recognize this poll, so forgive me for the repeat. I have a lot more readers now than I did then, and how could I waste an excellent birthday poll? Please vote; and if you’re someplace other than my site and can’t… Read more »

A Birthday Poll — Please Vote!

It is so effing hot here that there are no words to describe it. The air conditioners are working their little hearts out, but to little avail. Last week School Library Journal interviewed me, and on Wednesday I went to a costume shop and selected a beautiful medieval dress and a sword for my photo… Read more »