Some Yackety-Yacking for Thanksgiving

I wanted to share my acceptance remarks from the Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award reception on Monday, but decided to backdate them so they’re linkable but won’t monopolize your blog readers. My remarks are here. It’s basically a short speech about some of the place Fire came from. Also, Blogger, I am not impressed with your… Read more »

A Writing Lesson about the Trees

But first: News goes behind the News link, but some news is worthy of an announcement. Fire has won the Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award. This award, presented annually by ALAN, honors a book that possesses literary merit, widespread appeal to teens, and a positive approach to life. I’m touched that the ALAN Amelia Elizabeth Walden… Read more »

Happy-Making Stuff and Things

Well, I generally keep news behind my News link, but sometimes it deserves noisier mention. When I learned yesterday that Fire won the 2009 Cybil for YA Fantasy and Science Fiction, I was surprised, proud, and downright teary! It surely does feel nice. (In case you don’t know, the Cybils are the Children’s and Young… Read more »

Sending my Congrats into the Ether. Also, VOTE

I watched the Youth Media Awards webcast live with a second tab open to my library account so that I could put books on hold as they were announced. Congratulations are flying around the internet, of course, and I’d like to add mine. Especially to Rebecca Stead and Francisco Stork for When You Reach Me… Read more »

Book Recommendations from a Simmons Weekend

And now, a listy post! In no particular order… YA fiction, except where specified… Books that have been added to my TBR pile thanks to the Simmons Summer Institute this past weekend (in most cases, after hearing the author speak): Lessons from a Dead Girl, by Jo Knowles, a sister alum of the Center for… Read more »