This Moose

This moose removed the leaves from this birch tree so delicately.Spotted near Eagle River; picture taken by Kevin. 

In Which I Do Something Extraordinary

While Kevin was off hiking on his own… I treated myself to something special. I boarded a little red plane… And we flew to Denali. Click on any picture to embiggen. The peak on the left is Denali. That’s a glacier flowing through the center of the picture. We flew all the way around Denali…. Read more »

Kevin Hikes Off and I Write

At my beautiful writing cabin in Talkeetna, Alaska, overlooking the mountains of Denali National Park, I took pictures…. It’s raining in the moutains… See the face? I took this one at sunset, around 10:30pm…. While Kevin, preparing for his solo hiking trip, counted calories in chocolate, pasta, jerky, etc. to make sure he was bringing… Read more »

Hiking and Camping at Eagle River

In Eagle River, Alaska, we did another overnight hike and camp. This time we made a point of practicing with the GoPro, which is a small, rugged, waterproof outdoor camera. It creates a bit of a fishbowl effect. In real life, the trees weren’t really bending toward me :). This part of Alaska is full… Read more »

Exit Glacier and Hatcher Pass

Pictures this time, with just a few words. Me at the Exit Glacier. Panorama. Click to embiggen. Later, snowshoeing at Hatcher Pass. That’s Kevin. This is the view. And this is the rented snowshoe that fell apart. Sadly, we had to cut this adventure short, but I’ll blog another adventure tomorrow!