Can You Guess Where I Am?

Here are some clues.

It’s a place with the right priorities.

One of my personal priorities is not getting run over.

It’s got this goose. (I don’t actually expect this to help you, I just think it’s cute.)

This will be conclusive for some of you
(though still unspecific).

Maybe the symbol on the white chocolate helps?

Or this mood piece?

Enormous blue rooster?

Would it help if I told you that this guy
is called the South Bank Lion?

Look closely… and don’t worry if you’re still lost. Things are about to become clear.

After all, how many cities would put the word “whilst” on a big red bus?

Or provide something so picturesquely red for photo-takers?

Or think this makes sense?

Or give a tugboat and its charge such a pretty path…

or provide this timepiece?

Hello from beautiful London, blog readers. 🙂

Stay tuned for another guessing game on the weekend, when my location changes!