Cambridgeport Scenes

To my wonderful readers in France: I will be at Étonnants Voyageurs (which is an international festival of books and film) in Saint-Malo from 18-20 May, and will be making my second appearance at Imaginales (a stupendous fantasy conference) in Épinal from 23-26 May. I hope to see you there.

To reassure those of you who’ve been concerned about my plumbing, I did get the damn thing out of my drain. It was very dramatic. As each bristle burst into the light, it flung drain dreck onto my sink, my walls, and my person. Turns out it’s really gross down the drain.

So, often when I travel, I share photos, but it occurred to me recently that most of my readers have probably never been to Cambridge, MA…. so why not share a few pictures of home? These are extremely arbitrary — there’s a lot more in Cambridge than this — but here are some shots. Mostly taken on a gloomy January day in Cambridgeport, on or near Magazine Street.

I think only green cars should be allowed to park in front of this house.

It makes me happy that this house is a different color depending on what side you’re on.

It makes me feel like I live in a city that has a soul.

And what I love about this house…

… is what you see when you look closer.

Dunkin Donuts is also a religion in the Boston area.

Two congregations sharing a building.

Sign on the door: “Welcome to Congregation Eitz Chayim.”
Sign on the right: “Science Club for Girls.”

I like this red van in front of the yellow house.

And this mailbox.

And this beat-up church window.



Solar panels.

Magazine Street.