Butaro to Musanze: Views!

The views while driving around Rwanda are extraordinary.

Stephanie stopped the car so I could get out. Dave took a picture of me taking a picture (the picture above) :o).

We drove to Butaro, in Burera District in the north, where Stephanie works as a doctor.
This is an out-of-the-way part of Rwanda we’re lucky to get to see, generally not a tourist destination.
This is one of the Partners in Health residences, where we got to stay…

…with views.

I woke up at sunrise to take some pictures. Dave was already up.

I worked on my revision outside…

with a view.

We walked to the hospital for a visit…

…with views on the way.

Then, we drove to Musanze.

The drive is along dusty, windy dirt roads built into the edges of the mountains,
and the views of Lake Burera are spectacular.

Look closely; there’s a volcano in this picture. Rwanda’s got lots of volcanoes.

Stephanie is an intrepid driver, IMO. To the left, beyond those trees, is basically a sheer drop.

One more lake view…

And finally, in Musanze, we reached the Hotel Muhabura, where Dian Fossey used to like to stay.
Consider this picture a hint of what my next post is going to be about :o)