Boston Book Festival and South Bend (and a Massachusetts Voting ETA!)

A quick reminder that I’ll be at the (free!) Boston Book Festival this Saturday, October 16, appearing on a panel with Francisco X. Stork (Marcelo in the Real World and The Last Summer of the Death Warriors); Kathryn Lasky (the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series — have you seen the ads for the owl movie?), and Noni Carter (Good Fortune). The event is at 4pm at the Trinity Forum. Check out the schedule to see all the other stuff going on. Also, a note: I’ve been informed that President Obama will be at a rally a couple blocks away from the festival. This means you should leave some extra time for your transportation. :o)

Also: the time has changed for my event in South Bend, IL on Thursday, October 28. It now begins at 4:30pm. See my Appearance Schedule for more details.

ETA for Massachusetts Voters: I talked about Ballot Question 2 last week, and now I want to mention Ballot Question 3. This is the proposed cut of MA sales tax from its current rate of 6.25 percent to 3 percent. That is a HUGE difference. I just heard an interesting debate about Question 3 on a radio show called Radio Boston, and if you’re undecided on Question 3, you might might to listen to it yourself. Do so by going here and clicking on “Listen Now.” I will be voting no on Question 3 and urge you to do so as well. Our schools and our state programs and services need that tax money.

Hopefully, that’s the last of my voting talk until voting day. Thanks for your patience, everyone!