Boombox Séance

Hi guys. Sorry for the recent radio silence on the blog; I’m traveling. But I wanted to pop in about something that might intrigue those of you with an interest in indie music and how it’s made.

Sometime ago, I blogged about a stupendous cover of “Norwegian Wood” and “Kashmir” performed by the Aaron English Band. I’ve kept track of Aaron English‘s musical doings since then, and now he and the talented, ukulele-playing, singing, songwriting Victoria Vox have a new side collaboration called Boombox Séance. It’s “uketronica”: indie-folk and dance-floor electronica. From their own site: “Their sound features a baritone ukulele played through a loop pedal, driving kick drum, keyboards and the acrobatic vocal harmonies” of Victoria and Aaron. AND, they’re recording their debut album — with your participation, if you’re interested — check out their pledge drive at Pledge Music. They’re offering some pretty fun stuff to pledgers (a cover song of your choice, an original song, a signed CD plus zucchini bread!, workshopping one of your songs, visiting the Baltimore Museum of Art with Victoria or an afternoon in Seattle with Aaron, a mystery box!, etc. (who doesn’t want a mystery box?!)). And updates from the studio — photos, videos, songs —  for those of us who love to see the birth of music. Check it out, guys.

I’ll be home soon, I’ll screw my head on straight, and hopefully I’ll get back to more regular blogging. Happy almost-December, everyone!