Blog Tour News

Hi everyone!

So, next week I start a three-week blog tour. The theme of the tour is “Getting to Know the Characters of Fire,” which means that at each stop on the tour, I’ll introduce a character (or characters) from Fire. My character intros have been carefully screened by a team of experts (read: my patient and generous friends Deborah, Sam, and JD — thanks, guys) to ensure that they’re accurate (*ahem* for example, Sam pointed out that I was calling a character by the wrong name) AND not too spoilery. Each of my host bloggers will be giving away a signed finished copy. So — if you’re curious about Fire — or interested in checking out a bunch of cool book blogs — or if you’d like 15 chances to win a signed copy — check it out. The schedule is below.

I’ll close by sending a big thank you to my host bloggers. Thanks to each of you for letting me visit! I’d also like to thank Jillian Laks, the wizard at Penguin who organized the tour!

The schedule:

1. Monday, 9/14 – The Compulsive Reader
2. Tuesday, 9/15 – Pop Culture Junkie
3. Wednesday, 9/16 – Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf
4. Thursday, 9/17 – The Page Flipper
5. Friday, 9/18 – Reading Keeps You Sane
6. Monday, 9/21 – Presenting Lenore
7. Tuesday, 9/22 – In Bed With Books
8. Wednesday, 9/23 Melissa’s Bookshelf
9. Thursday, 9/24 – Shaken & Stirred
10. Friday, 9/25 – The Frenetic Reader
11. Monday, 9/28 –
12. Tuesday, 9/29 – The Book Smugglers
13. Wednesday, 9/30 – Fantasy Book Critic
14. Thursday, 10/1 Hope’s Bookshelf
15. Friday, 10/2 – The Story Siren

I’ll be blogging here, as usual, during the blog tour. I’m hoping to cover a few more FAQs… plus, I have a poll taking form in my mind. It’s about desert islands and slow lorises. (And true love. ^_^)