Blather, + a Bit of Advice for Writers Nervous About Promotion

Serbian cover of Graceling, published by Carobna knjiga. I didn’t even know this book was out until Carobna knjiga’s Fire landed in my mailbox. Click to enbiggen, this is a cool one! I love the blood in the font. —–>

For those who’ve been wondering, my ankle is feeling better every day. I’ll just be careful to leave extra time for getting places on the tour, and I’ll resist the urge to rush to catch planes. I intend to set new records for packing light. Inspired by Laurie Halse-Anderson, I’ll take a picture of my tiny luggage and post it here if I get the chance. Of course, Laurie was packing for a five-week tour. Mine is only a week and a half (because I am a WIMP). So make sure you’re duly impressed by Laurie’s feats of packing!

For anyone who wants to know a little more about what my events will be like: I’ll start by reading from Bitterblue for maybe 10-15 minutes; then I’ll talk for a few more minutes about the process of writing the book, maybe with some pictures, depending on whether the store can accommodate them; then it’ll be time for Q&A; and finally, I’ll sign books. It’s usually pretty fun — people ask good questions. 🙂

Randomly: have you heard about Maura Pozek, a high school senior in Missouri who makes her prom dresses out of random stuff?

I want to end with a word of advice for newly published (or oldly published!) writers who are just starting to go out into the world to promote their books and who may be frightened. Dear writers: I understand the pressure you feel, the anxiety that you will disappoint people at your events. I want to remind you of something: You don’t have to be amazing out there. You don’t have to wow everyone at your events. If you think you do, then you’re forgetting something: You already did the amazing thing. You wrote the book. Now, all you have to do is be yourself, be friendly, be openhearted if you can, and don’t forget to take care of yourself. The hard work is done. Stand proudly in your book’s glow.

If anyone needs a bit more encouragement/advice, check out the post I wrote once called Some Public Speaking Tips from a Shy Person Who Has Learned to Love Public Speaking.