Another Paris Picture Roundup

If you’re a gargoyle, Sacre Coeur is probably a nice thing to be a gargoyle on,
 and Montmartre a nice part of Paris to look out over…

 Outside the Musée Rodin, people stick their entrance stickers onto poles –
 a spontaneous public arts project 🙂

 On one of the footbridges over the Seine – I think it’s the Pont des Arts? – people attach locks to the fence
 to symbolize their romantic relationships. … Normally I’m all for these things – note the Rodin stickers above
 and the graffiti – but am I the only person who doesn’t get a romantic feeling from a lock exactly?

 Marie took this :). It was so sunny that I reached into my bag at one point
 to get my sunglasses – not realizing I was already wearing my sunglasses.

 Marie and me, self-portrait, in front of one of the big clock windows at the Orsay.

 All of the shoes in this picture are made of chocolate.

 All of the dogs in this picture are large.

 Free samples on the windowsill outside this perfume store in the Marais.

Passage Jouffroy.