An Extra Message for Monday, to Make Up for No More Posting This Week

Everybody, good news all around. And — I need your help deciding what to toast with!

Graceling is the winner of the SIBA Book Award in the Young Adult category! (SIBA is the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance.) Oh my goodness, the indies have been so kind to me — I can’t even express my gratitude. Thanks so much to SIBA. And everybody, buy indie!

In other good news, I am heading to MA tomorrow, and my stuff arrives soon after. I am so ready to be surrounded by boxes that are to be unpacked, rather than boxes that are to be packed.
Hopefully calmness to come — eventually, anyway — now that the move is nearing its end. In the meantime — I am the happy owner of some new wine glasses that I love madly… but I’m more of a beer drinker, and am only recently getting into wine. Can anyone out there recommend some nice wines for beginners? Red wines, please, because my new glasses are big fat balloon goblets, and I think those are for red wine? :D?
Happy week, everyone… and thanks for hanging in there with me as I make this big move. My next post will probably be next Monday, from a brand new home. :o)