An ALA Special Report: When I Said Shenanigans, I Meant Shenanigans

See this rig?
See these authors?

Don’t you think these authors should jump off that rig?

Well, anyway, they thought so.

Sarah Miller and I fly on the trapeze (S left, I right; click to enbiggen):

Sarah and I reach for the catcher.

The catcher snatches us out of thin air:

Not done yet! Here are videos (practice swings, sans the catch):

For those interested in trapeze lessons, check it out. It was SO MUCH FUN. In particular, the moment when you’re flying upside-down like crazy and suddenly a swinging man appears, grabs your wrists, says, “Gotcha,” pulls you off your trapeze, swings you back really far, swings you forward really far, and then flings you into the air: AMAZING.