A Post from BEA

As you read this, I am at BEA. If you’re at BEA, too, feel free to come to one of my signings! If you’re not sure which one is me, here’s what I look like:


(Actually, if you see a young woman with socks hanging from her ears, or carrying a teapot in lieu of a bag, or some such, that’s probably me, too. Nerves make me batty.)

My full BEA schedule is here. Re the signings: on Saturday I’m signing Fire ARCs at Table 17 from 10-11am, and then, after that, I’m doing a Graceling signing at the bookstore Books of Wonder (18 W. 18th St.) with Melissa Marr from 1-3pm.

Also, note that the Bridget Zinn Auction ends at 11pm on Saturday, May 3o and the Graceling book giveaway ends on Monday, June 1.

Happy weekend, everyone!