A Letter to My Readers

Dear Readers,

Last week, I flew to Florida to meet two new friends.

We had lots of fun! We did some eating….

We did some writing….

We hung out.

We also had dance parties.

Do you realize how many songs lyrics are secretly about babies? For example, “I want a girl with a short diaper and a LOOOOOOOOOONG blanket.” Or, “If I had a boat, I’d go out on the ocean, and if I had a baby, I’d bring her on my boat.”

Also, sometimes we howled.

And then, maybe later, we felt a little better.

Despite appearances…

…my new friends don’t sleep that much. Frankly, the rest of us are a bit boggled by their stamina.

Seriously. Everyone is boggled.

Now I’m back in Massachusetts. It’s quiet here, far away from my new friends.

Quiet and lonely.


How was your week?