A Few (Extremely Random!) Paris Scenes

If it’s hard to capture the scale of Madrid, Paris is impossible. It just can’t be done with a few iPhone photographs; I’ve barely taken any pictures of buildings at all. What I’ve included here is random and occasionally odd. I also have a collection of window shopping pictures, which will probably be my next post. For now, some Paris scenes:

I think I know where this is going. 

Bridge across the Canal Saint-Martin

Interesting courtyards…

…and backyards. 

Delicious lunch at Les Enfants Perdus (rue des Recollets)…

…where they have this strange old coffee maker.

How happy this man is to have found his cat.
(The cat seems less thrilled.)
(Louvre, Mesopotamian wing.)

Lion standing guard. Also from the Mesopotamian wing. 

Yes, I made Marie stop and wait while I took this picture.
(Which was in the subway.  Not the Louvre.)

Dogs ride the subway, too