A Couple Nice Links and Things

It’s really hard to know what to do or how to help in the world right now, with all the things. So I’m going to blog one link for helping and one link for fun.

First, if you have some money and you want to contribute to something somewhere, in a way that will actually get to the people who need it… Well, there are a lot of worthy charitable organizations, but I wanted to point out Portlight. It is a cross-disability disaster relief and recovery organization. At the moment, they are working hard to assist hurricane survivors with disabilities, older adults, their families, and their communities. I’ve heard them spoken of highly – in terms of their effectiveness and the responsible use of their money – in a number of trustworthy circles and from friends. (As I have blogged before, I like to do research into the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations before giving them a penny, or recommending them to others.)

Next, if you’re a Buffy fan, I hope you know about the podcast Buffering the Vampire Slayer! These two wonderful women, Kristin Russo and Jenny Owen Youngs, are watching each episode and talking about it, one at a time. And, Jenny is a singer-songwriter – who records a song about each episode, which airs at the end of each episode. So fun! And such interesting conversations. They’re at the beginning of S3 right now. And incidentally, these ladies are also doing their part to raise money to help with various worthwhile nonprofits, including, ATM, hurricane relief in Puerto Rico… Check out their Shop if you’re interested.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to everyone on my team and every one of my readers who helped to welcome Jane, Unlimited into the world :o). I will blog more about the tour – how things went, etc. – sometime soon, when/if the world is falling apart to a slightly lesser degree and it feels less gross and self-indulgent. Now that the book is out in the world, I also hope to write a series of blog posts about how I wrote it. In the meantime: Thank you :o). (PS — I was tweeting while on tour, so head over there to catch up, if you’re interested.)