A Birthday Poll — Please Vote!

It is so effing hot here that there are no words to describe it. The air conditioners are working their little hearts out, but to little avail.

Last week School Library Journal interviewed me, and on Wednesday I went to a costume shop and selected a beautiful medieval dress and a sword for my photo shoot! I even selected a snood. What’s a snood? Well, it’s not unlike a thneed. And a thneed, as you probably know, is a fine something that all people need.
It was super-fun, which surprised me, because I hate choosing clothes and am not really a girly-girl when it comes to things like trying on dresses, but as it turns out, deciding whether I’m a bar wench, a princess, a peasant, or a lady-in-waiting brought me much contentment. There was a snood emergency at one point, but a kind young lady on the staff helped me through it.

We’re taking the pictures today.
And now! My 32nd birthday is coming up in a few days, and I have a birthday announcement! As of today, I will never, not ever, not everly never nor neverly everly ever, google myself or my books again. Because yes, stumbling across a good review is thrilling. But you know what else is thrilling? Heroin.
Finally, strap yourselves in, because it’s time for a Grand Birthday Poll. Never think for a minute that your opinion doesn’t matter. (Btw, if you’re reading this post somewhere other than on my actual site and want to vote, just click on my birthday question below, or preferably, click here.)
If you can’t see the poll at all, try here!